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Dianne Grupp
Administrator / Principal

I lived the first 28 years of my life in the deep south. In Mobile, I met the Coastie that would become my husband. Six months after saying "I do", we drove across the country, boarded the ferry, and disembarked on the island of Sitka, our home for 5 years. My world had drastically expanded. Before leaving Sitka, our family would expand with the birth of our daughter. Leaving Sitka, we began another adventure on the island of Puerto Rico which was followed by a transfer to the island of Kodiak. We quickly adapted and loved all things Kodiak. I also began my teaching career at KCS during this time. When the Coast Guard decided that we needed to move, we reluctantly boarded the ferry that would take us toward the Lower 48. Even with our reluctance, we came to realize that it was God's plan. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. God opened and closed doors and in July of 2007, we moved back. Since 2007, I have taught at KMS, and international school in Brasil, and KHS. I am delighted to be back at the Kodiak Christian School!

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